Top 5 Android Mobile Antivirus 2020

Top 5 mobile Antivirus 2020

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Do we really need security for our mobile phones? This is the questions arising in my minds with no confirmative answer. Our need of downloading varied apps for every service, playing games or even streaming videos etc can put your mobile into risk. So, to be on the safer side securing your mobile phone is also becoming important. With this comes the though as to which antivirus to opt for as there are plenty in the market.

Out of the many options available, here I am shortlisted top 5 antivirus one can select.

  1. Avast Mobile security:

Not only for our computer and laptops, Avast has also made its way into smart phone security. Alongside providing protection from viruses it also comes with add on features such as call blocker, firewall and even an anti-theft measure allowing you to remotely lock or wipe your Android device if it goes missing etc. It comes in both free and premium versions. The premium version comes with additional feature of app-locking.

  • Bit defender antivirus:

It is also one of the highly popular mobile protection apps as its lightweight. Since it does not run in the background, freeing up your phone space and making it manually operative. Though required to schedule and scan manually it still worth the use.

  • McAfee Security:

Another player in the antivirus world is McAfee Security, which also comes along with schedule scan your phone for virus to app locking to anti-theft features. If opting for the paid version you can also block adds.

  • Kaspersky:

This is also another trending mobile security apps alongside the big players. As per surveys it has a 99.9% detection rate. Feature wise it also like other defenders. This antivirus blocks any malicious site before you click on them thus preventing any infection. It comes with a 30-day free trial before the premium version.

  • Sophos:

Currently coming into picture is this security app of Sophos. Though it has high end network security options, it also comes in app form for smart phones. From traditional scanning to blocking of malicious sites it also with add on feature of QR scanning to set up secured Wi-fi connections.

Secure your smartphones with these anti-virus apps!