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Top 5 online earning applications

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Falling short of cash holiday month or just need some extra bucks, technology can tell you how to earn it. Have you ever wondered that there are actual apps where one can earn real cash online? Here you will get all your answers. In today’s time technology has become the key to solving 90% of our problems. With the recent developments in technology there are numerous innovative apps which are coming into the market. Among those coming up there are incredible apps which can make you earn some extra cash without being defrauded. Must be a shocker! Yes, it is right one can actual make money using some apps instead of making one shed money as some apps do for using it. These apps may not be a full-time alternative to earning but will definitely bean add on.

Here I have creamed out the top 5 online earning applications for you to give it a spin.

  1. Pact- Stay fit and earn!

Pact, the app which comes in both iOS and Android versions makes you earn money while keeping you fit. Here in this app one must set fitness goals and live up to it. You will lose money if your goals are not met and be rewarded with money for every target you reach. This app is linked to your fitness tracker for the results.

  • Fronto- Lock screen can make you earn!

Fronto lock screen app is only available in android version and pays you for advertisements on your lock screen. In this app, you swipe right to unlock your phone and left to earn. When you swipe left you are directed to news articles, advertisements, and shopping info. You will be rewarded with points in this app and every 2500 points is equivalent to 1$.

  • Whaff rewards- Task-based earning!

Another leading app for reward among Android users is the Whaff app. One can earn by completing tasks which can range from downloading a new app or using the app regularly or maintaining the app daily or visiting sponsored apps and completing its relevant offers. Even though it is any other app which pays you for visiting advertisements but none pay as much as Whaff. One can also earn by referring the said app to others. Not only does it pay you cash but also gift cards for Amazon, Google play etc.

  • App trailers- Watch advertisements and get paid!

The traditional way of earning is what the App trailers app does. One gets paid for the number of advertisement one watches. Traditional huh! There is a twist here too. This app does not restrict you to watching advertisements only but one can also watch trailers of latest films or games. The exchange rate here is 500 points equals to 0.50$.

  • Foap- Snaps can make you earn too!

Another well-known app among Android users where your snaps get converted into money. All one needs to do here is click some creative snaps, upload them and then sell them in Foap market to earn some cash. One gets 50% of the commission for each sell ones makes.

What are you waiting for? Start earning some extra bucks with the above apps!