Best make-life easy Android Apps of 2020

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An android without basket of apps is like a car without petrol, putting the usageto halt.Recent years have seen a sudden boom in android applications in the market. To make optimum usage of your mobile phone now days varied range of apps are flooded in Google play store. Not only it puts the efficiency of the phone to use but also makes your day to day activities convenient. From getting your picture modified to managing your finances to online shopping every need has its own customized app.

Here I will jot down the best from the lot android apps of 2020 to suit your needs. Fifteen best android apps which are winners are as follows:

  1. Google assistant- Your personal assistant

Just like Apple has its all-time famous Siri so is Google assistant to Android mobile users. Voice assistant for all kinds of activities like searching, calling, texting etc.

  • WhatsApp- Instant messaging

WhatsApp, the instant way of connecting with your friends, family, colleagues etc. With a short span of time it has gain a lot of popularity with its messaging to video calling features making it reliable way to be connected across the globe.

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  • Wunderlist-Task manager

The app which keeps record of your tasks and your to-do list. It also comes the sharing feature to share your records with everyone. What better way to rem birthdates, your grocery shopping or meeting deadline then with this fun-filled application. You can also attach photos, docs in pdf etc.

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  • LastPass- Your personal password manager

With millions of applications with authentication one is using the harder it is getting to remember so many passwords. LastPass is the app which is the bank for your passwords. It auto fills web browser or apps which require password for login. Only with password management it also helps in creation of online shopping profiles.

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  • Avast Antivirus- Mobile security

To protect your mobile phone from virus and malware, Avast antivirus is your key. It is one of the top rated and highly downloaded anti-virus app among Android users.

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  • Tasker- Automation for your phone

If looking for a app to fully automate your smart phone from setting to even sending texts, this is your app. Every activity can be timed with this app making it fully automated. It is a paid application of Android.

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  • Fortune city– Makes managing finance fun

Managing your expenses have been converted into a fun-filled game with this application. City growing simulation game alongside with tracking your spending is what this app all about.

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  • Prisma- Creative selfie

Prisma is the app to give that creative edge to your snaps clicked from your smart phone. It has it all from photo effects to filters to option of sharing.

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  • True caller- Caller id in your mobile

Identify unknown calls, block spam calls and SMS is what True caller gives to your mobile phone.

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  1. Spotify- Music on your mobile

The largest database of music on your finger tips of your smart phones is what Spotify is.

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  1. Instagram– Social media for photography lovers

With Instagram, one can capture the moments and share it with your friends and family. This is one of trending app for socializing with captured moments.

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  1. Snapchat– Instant Messaging with pictures

Although it was earlier an Apple phone specific but now has come into Android phones as well. Take a snap while chatting with your loved ones or create stories with snaps to depict your day.

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  1. Zomato– Information for places to eat at your finger tips

Zomato your one stop destination in finding a place to eat or order food online comes with both web-browser and app versions. Though its app is what is highly acclaimed and rated.

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  1. Headspace- Meditation via your mobile

Can you believe it that one can mediate also using apps? The answer is Headspace is one such app which is your guide for self-meditation.

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  1. Share it- Sharing made easy

Wireless Inter transfer across platforms have been made easy and faster with this app of Share it. All kinds of files can be shared through this.

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Happy downloading!