“The Importance and Evolution of the Indian Constitution: Understanding the Preamble, Division of Powers, and Independent Judiciary”

The Indian Constitution has been changed 104 times since it was first written. This means that some things in the Constitution have been updated to make them better for India.

The beginning of the Constitution is called the Preamble. It says that India is a country where the people have control and that everyone is equal. It also says that India is a democracy where people can choose their own leaders and that everyone has the right to freedom and justice.

The Constitution divides the power of the government between the central government and the states. The central government is in charge of things that are important for the whole country, while the state governments take care of things that are important for their own state.

The Constitution also says that the judges in India should be independent and that they should make sure that the government follows the rules in the Constitution. The highest court in India is called the Supreme Court, and it has the power to make decisions about important issues.

The Constitution is very important for India because it sets out how the government should work and how people’s rights should be protected. It helps to make sure that everyone in India is treated fairly and has the same opportunities.

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