Xiaomi Mi A3: Design, Display and Performance Xiaomi is fighting on all sides for every price: the avalanche of release Mi CC9e the brand is drinking us every month since last March reached its peak with the Xiaomi Mi 9 announced a few weeks ago in China at the endContinue Reading

iphone se

iPhone SE: Design, Battery and Performance The iPhone SE (2020) is not only a great iPhone, but also one of the best low-end phones you can buy right now. The new iPhone SE boasts a very classic design and is very similar to the 2017 iPhone 8, but Apple managedContinue Reading

iphone 11 pro

iPhone 11 Pro: Design and Display Even with the gradual evolution of the iPhone 11 Pro, the recipe is still well mastered. The camera is booming at its best and performance is sharper than ever. Apple continues the logic of evolution. Along with last year’s XS, this year has 11Continue Reading

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Design, Display and Performance The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most premium of the three Galaxy S released in 2020 by a Korean manufacturer. A 7-inch screen close to 120Hz, 108Mpx, zoom X100, video recording 8K, and flagship cards of Korean giants are overflowing. DesignContinue Reading


Cloud: A Secure and Cost-Effective Storage Solution The biggest advantage of cloud solutions is that they can be accessed even from devices without high-performance hardware. Flexible and scalable computing power is in the cloud. You only need a fast and reliable connection. This makes complex networks much cheaper. The acquisitionContinue Reading

cloud storage

Cloud Storage: How Does Cloud Storage Work? Floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, external hard drives: Over the years, computers and their performance, as well as the types and capacities of external storage media have changed significantly. Cloud Backup also provides a storage solution that doesn’t require your own hardwareContinue Reading


Cloud Services: Functions and Data Protections Whether for personal or business use, an online storage and sharing service better known as the cloud makes it easy to securely store, sync and share your data. The first provider to rapidly popularize online data storage services for individuals and organizations was Dropbox.Continue Reading


Public Cloud And Features Public cloud provides public IT services over the Internet. To do this, providers operate groups of interconnected servers called server farms. Users typically access the storage space through a web browser. You pay only for what you spend on the resource. It can also reduce theContinue Reading


Cloud: Working and Representation With the cloud, data, programs, and computing capacity are moved to storage outside of your location. You can use multiple servers at a remote site to do this. Those who want to take advantage of those cloud computing services can rent storage space and, in principle,Continue Reading