Nokia 9.3: Display, Specifications and Cameras Those who follow Nokia’s naming strategy know that the company loves releasing updated phones in the form of a point increase, so they take Nokia 7.2 as an example. However, in 2020, the company switched from Nokia 8.1 to Nokia 8.3. Juho Sarvikas, headContinue Reading

Huawei P30 Pro: Design, Display and Camera Huawei P30 Pro brings smartphone photography to a new era. How about the rest of the terminal? Answer in this test. When Huawei first spoke about the P30 Pro’s 4-sensor rear photo video configuration, we didn’t believe a word about it. Then IContinue Reading

Allergy Symptoms In Various Forms Our bodies are constantly confronting external enemies such as microbes, viruses and bacteria. To fight them, he has a powerful weapon-the immune system. Allergy is a failure of this system. Instead of defending us from real attacks, we do too much and start reacting toContinue Reading

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Design, Display and Performance The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most premium of the three Galaxy S released in 2020 by a Korean manufacturer. A 7-inch screen close to 120Hz, 108Mpx, zoom X100, video recording 8K, and flagship cards of Korean giants are overflowing. DesignContinue Reading