Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has always been the leader alongside Apple as competitor, with its low cost to high cost, extraordinary featured smart phone ranges. Samsung in its grand event in New York unravelled the Galaxy Note 8 with its attractive features. Infinity display to enhanced S-pen to high quality dual camera isContinue Reading

android oreo 8.0

Android the operating system of OS or otherwise the backbone of every feature, today which we are so swiftly using in our smart phone. The fascinating part of Android is that unlike iOS, it has the possibility of upgradation to latest version in your current phone without having bought aContinue Reading

Just like tuning on to music, browsing, clicking snaps are vital functions of your smartphones so is playing games. Recent developments have also touched the gaming industry in current times. With the current smartphones improving as far its processors are concerned, opening window to rising popularity in the gaming industry.Continue Reading

Recent times have seen the transition from traditional camera for clicking snaps to mobile phone cameras. Even cameras of mobile phones have evolved reducing the requirement of any professional for your pictures. To add to this advanced camera of smartphones are numerous apps to fine tune your snap. Here IContinue Reading

top online earning app

Falling short of cash holiday month or just need some extra bucks, technology can tell you how to earn it. Have you ever wondered that there are actual apps where one can earn real cash online? Here you will get all your answers. In today’s time technology has become theContinue Reading

Top 5 Android Mobile Antivirus 2020

Do we really need security for our mobile phones? This is the questions arising in my minds with no confirmative answer. Our need of downloading varied apps for every service, playing games or even streaming videos etc can put your mobile into risk. So, to be on the safer sideContinue Reading


An android without basket of apps is like a car without petrol, putting the usageto halt.Recent years have seen a sudden boom in android applications in the market. To make optimum usage of your mobile phone now days varied range of apps are flooded in Google play store. Not onlyContinue Reading