Secure Quantum Internet

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Secure Quantum Internet

Ransomware, data theft, hacking connected objects… The Internet is threatened by massive cyber attacks. The MIT Technology Review predicts “The Internet based on quantum physics will soon secure communications.” Currently, the Internet is not secure. The flaws are countless, and hackers are constantly exploiting them. Using a very secure quantum internet increases the risk of hacking. No more data loss, changes, delays, bugs, crashes. Simply put, it’s a revolution. So what can it be used for? The technology is expected to be operational within five to six years for long distances, and a global network will be possible by the end of the decade, the researchers said.The quantum internet connects the computers of the future. This qubit transmission network between two remote locations is already under construction. What will it look like? In addition to very secure communication, I imagine many applications that the classic Internet does not allow.

Computing and quantum encryption

By multiplying the computing potential of AI systems, the quantum computers of the future could revolutionize many industries, from health to chemistry, industrial, computer security, self-driving cars, energy, transportation, and traffic management.

According to expert Renaud Lifchitz, quantum computing should be able to break the asymmetric encryption and RSA algorithms used in virtually every area that affects web security. RSA encryption actually relies on the difficulty of breaking down large numbers into primes, but using quantum computation can break asymmetric algorithms. The cryptocurrency and its backbone, the blockchain, cannot resist such technology either. This is why mathematicians design cryptographic codes that can withstand hacking based on quantum computers and switch to quantum encryption so that private keys, “quantum keys” can be exchanged securely.

Quantum teleportation

So the idea is that quantum computing can create a whole new communication system like a kind of quantum Internet where information is encoded and shared in qubits. Just like the current Internet, computers around the world must be able to interact with each other. The difference is that it is a networked quantum computer. Machines can work together at the same time to try to solve problems in all areas, as well as communicate in a very secure way. It offers much faster speed and performance when it comes to data transfer.

Quantum Internet is good and the real move

Thus, quantum networks make it easy to create, store and move information without the constraints of traditional networks such as slowdowns, transmission errors, and packet loss. Without change at a speed close to the speed of light

Quantum internet application

Researchers and advocates of the quantum internet argue that such a network should enable all applications that cannot be achieved with conventional communications. For example, the interconnection of quantum computers, the convergence of high-performance telescopes located at distant observatories, or the development of new methods for gravitational wave detection. Obviously, the ability to link quantum computers together makes it possible to create a real “distributed quantum computing architecture”.

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) envisions that quantum internet could lead to security protocols that make email boxes, web browsers, video streaming and VoIP apps faster and more secure. These protocols also create “quantum blocks”, allowing you to secure the blockchain and multiple applications.