5 populated states in usa

Top 5 populated states in US

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Thinking of relocating to US! Half of the population of around the globe look at America as the most prospering country to migrate for better opportunities. From west coast to east coast of America there are varied options of States to be considered. Ever wondered which would be ideal place to move in as far US is concerned? This detail analysis of the top states of US will definitely help you make a choice. Keeping in reference various surveys and world rankings, top five populated states of US are as follows:

  1. California:

One of the most populated State of US with population of around 39,849,872. When we think of America, California is the first choice of State to live in as it comprises of some of the most happening and fast-growingcities. Cities of California are Los Angles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Fresno, Oakland, Sacramento, Santa Ana and Anaheim. 

Alluring facts:

Some interesting facts one should know about this place are:

  • According to World economic forum, it is the sixth largest economy in the world
  • The entire coastline of California is a national monument.
  • ‘Ladies Night’ here is banned under law as it is considered Gender discrimination.
  • World’s largest amphitheatre named ‘The Hollywood Bowl’ is situated here

Reasons to live here:

Why this place will be your choice to live in?

  • Considerable climate all year round with mild winters.
  • If living here, one will be never away from the beach because of its diversified coastline.
  • Home to some of the best universities namely USC, UCLA, Stanford, Berkeley etc.
  • Location of technology hub i.e. Silicon Valley
  • Hollywood fever is high as California is the epicentre of film and tv industry.
  • Craziness for burger snacking with their In-N-Out burger joint in every nook and corner.
  • Texas

Lies in the second rank in the population list with an estimation of 28,449,186. Desserts, pine trees and borderline with Mexico is what Texas is all about. After California, if any place which is next choice for people this is the place.

Alluring facts:

Some of the facts of this place making it interesting are:

  • 28,690 registered machine guns is there in Texas
  • 90% of the world’s recoverable helium is in the ground under Amarillo, Texas.
  • Fastest road of US is in Austin, Texas with speed limit of 85 mph
  • Two thirds of the population of Texas lives within less than 200 miles of Austin

Reason to live here:

Why this place will be your choice to live in?

  • Lower cost of living with ample of employment opportunities
  • Zero State income tax
  • Rich in natural resources like oil, coal etc
  • Good housing value making it popular among families
  • Florida

Making its way on the list after Texas, is the densely populated State of Florida with a population of 21,002,678. Called the “Orange State”, Florida is all about miles and miles of beaches. Mind boggling theme park, exotic shopping experience and never-ending night life, makes this the hottest travel destination for people of US.

Alluring facts:

Fun facts about Florida are:

  • Has a permanent underwater laboratory 3.5 mileoff Florida Keys
  • Disneyland in Orlando is a city in itself
  • It produces 75% of country’s oranges
  • Highest point at this location is just 345 feet above sea level
  • When in Florida, one will never be more than 60 miles away from ocean.

Reasons to live here:

Why should one choose Florida to live in?

  • Cost of living is relatively low with lower sales tax and no state tax.
  • Living near the beach will not burn a hole in your pocket
  • Pleasant and mild winters
  • Diversity nature, recreational landscape of hidden springs and many more make it destination where one can holiday without having to leave.
  • You can convert your yard to orange or grape orchard.
  • New York

New York is one of the chic and cosmopolitan, fourth highly populated states of US. The total population of around 19,889,657. Even though fourth on the list as far population is concerned it is still the leading financial centre for US. Known as empire state for its wealth and resource. It reports to have a rich ethnic diversity of people living here.

Alluring Facts:

Interesting facts about New York are:

  • 36% of current population of New York is born outside of US
  • Costs nearly 300,000$ to operate a hot dog stall in Central Park
  • 1 out of 21 New Yorkers is a millionaire.
  • No Walmart store for New Yorkers
  • Big city with villages like West, Greenwich and east village

Reasons to live here:

Why should one choose New York to live in?

  • Be anything cheap here or not, one can always get a pizza slice for a dollar
  • Houses some of the greatest landmarks of all time namely Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, The Chrysler Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, The World Trade Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station, Madison Square Garden
  • Convenient public transits
  • Ample of opportunities on job front for everyone.
  • Pennsylvania

Even though comprising of small surface area yet it is the fifth most populated state as per the latest survey. From year 2016 it has seen a sudden hike in population to 12.8 million with highest rural population. Vast stretches of farm land, forests and mountains is what Pennsylvania is all about. Most of the population here are Amish.

Alluring Facts:

Some fascinating facts of this State are:

  • Has the highest number of licenced hunters in whole of US.
  • Two weird laws of Pennsylvania are it is forbidden to sing in the bathtub. Another forbids the sweeping of dirt underneath a rug.
  • It lists its website URL in licence plate
  • There is a place called Gravity hill which showcases a weird phenomenon as in water flows in wrong direction and cars go uphill.

Reasons to live here:

Why should one choose Pennsylvania to live in?

  • Farm markets are very common in all over Pennsylvania so you always get a supply of fresh produce year round
  • Home to 21 fortunes 500 companies making it a lucrative job market
  • One of affordable states of US with low cost of living and housing
  • You can always end up saving your earning with varied deals such as “Bring your own bottles” restaurants etc.