Top 5 e-commerce sites in India

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With the advent of digital era comes the fulfilment of every need with just a click of button. Past few years has seen a sudden rise in e commerce sites which is one stop solution of every basic requirement of an individual. From electronic requisite to daily needs to luxury, currently there is the trend of browsing every item in the comfort of the home. This evolution of the way people shop nowadays has brought this sudden boom in ecommerce industry. Shopping online has become the new way to splurge oneself. 

The top five players of the ecommerce industry are the following:

  1. Flipkart

In competition with Amazon, it holds the second place among the ecommerce websites available. Even in second place yet is the king of online shopping websites. Always one can find varied deals as far electronic goods, clothes, accessories from top brands. Books, mobile and its accessories, computer and laptop and its accessories, electronic appliances, clothes and footwear are named few products of this website. The main differentiator of this website is its definite delivery of its products. From varied deals to EMI options making every customer to avail products with convenience. The most lucrative option is it’s raining discounts during festivities and special occasions of Independence Day etc. This all makes it the most popular websites among Indians.


  • Amazon

Amazon is the rising leader among all ecommerce websites of India. It is one of those websites which analysis your purchases and makes recommendations of products. It has a wide range of penetration as far its products are concerned. Not only is it into electronics products, clothes, accessories, bags but also has penetrated into daily needs. Despite it being an American company yet it has kept its roots penetrated in Indian markets. Unlike Flipkart it also keeps lucrative discounts year-round for its customers. With its one-day delivery option in metro cities, it is even more popular among customers. Recently with its membership option one can not only available products but also experience the entertainment world online.


  • Snapdeal

Another ecommerce giant players of India are Snapdeal. It is a platform which brings in the buyer and seller in a single platform. This website has a wide range of products catering to customer needs. One can find deals for local spas, saloon, restaurants etc. With its unique concept of making local sellers sell their products here, it reduces the cost of maintaining its own inventory. If looking for products in very cheap prices, this is where one should look into. It also provides its customers with attractive deal at special occasions and festivities.


  • Shop clues

Another entry in the ecommerce industry is Shopclues with its own uniqueness. The main focus of this website was to sell daily household need products which makes it different and successful from other ecommerce websites. Year round it provides jaw dropping discounts to its customers. This website follows the concept of flea markets of providing household needs to clothe to electronic products at street shopping prices. One can also become a seller here to start its own small business.


  • Paytm

Another rising ecommerce website among leading players is Paytm which started with being the leading mobile recharge website. Now it has also become lead seller in electronics, clothes and accessories, home décor, mobile and laptops etc. The widespread craze about this website is its cashback offers on every service or product availed in this website. Recently it has also spread its wings into flight bookings, bus bookings hotel bookings, movie and event tickets etc. If availing any service from any retail shop or online booking sites, paytm always has attractive cashbacks to its consumers.