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iPhone 11 Pro: Design and Display

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iPhone 11 Pro: Design and Display

Even with the gradual evolution of the iPhone 11 Pro, the recipe is still well mastered. The camera is booming at its best and performance is sharper than ever. Apple continues the logic of evolution. Along with last year’s XS, this year has 11 that should logically be the last to inherit a borderless design with a notch on the iPhone X.


As the owner of the XS Max, users of the old iPhone brand “Plus” will not be confused by controlling the 11 Pro Max. The confusion is similar. What’s more noticeable is the thickness and weight, which tends to be overweight every year, 7.1mm and 172g for the 6 Plus, 7.7mm and 208g for the XS Max, and 8.1mm for the 226g for the Pro Max. For this 2019 vintage, Apple opted for frosted glass with a matte finish and a velvety feel. It’s a finish that highlights the quality of this iPhone case, where the glass, designed exclusively by Corning, is still surrounded by a piece of stainless steel (probably 316L steel). The iPhone 11 Pro Max is still a beautiful thing. However, it’s not clear that it’s less slippery than its ancestor, the XS Max, and it’s not clear that it’s much more resistant to impact and scratches. What’s more noticeable is that the frosted glass makes fingerprints hard to see on the front as well as on the back. Apple has added a new coating that limits contamination of fatty substances that work well.


iPhone screens are often the industry standard. The podium for the best displays often competes with Samsung, but Apple takes the top spot in expanding the slab with Perfect Calibration. The iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 6.5-inch slab (2688 x 1242 pixels, or 458 ppi) is amazing and is definitely taking part in the adoption of this extra large iPhone. We offer the basic elements of the iPhone XS Max, controlled color reproduction, black depth, and the high brightness of the slab for perfect readability, especially outdoors, and always amazing contrast.

The screens with Apple’s “Super Retina XDR” engraved are amazing, especially when sticking to high-quality sources in 4K HDR via Netflix or iTunes. iPhone 11 Pro Max still supports HDR Dolby Vision and HDR10, a nice photo box. Since we made the movie, Apple has further improved the sound reproduction of the 11 Pro Max (which is already very neat on the XS Max) with a very immersive stereo. This is an iPhone that sounds great, and Dolby compatibility (Digital Plus and Atmos) gives you the perfect experience.

3D Touch

If you regret a little bit of the footsteps of our “old” iPhone Plus and Samsung/Huawei’s borderless landscape mode, 3D Touch will definitely miss him. Unfortunately, it was a good differentiator for Apple. This pressure-sensitive screen has imposed itself since the iPhone 6s by bringing a new dimension to our tactile use. Apple decided to replace the 3D Touch this year with the haptic touch introduced by the iPhone XR. On paper, some features still exist, such as the ability to preview windows in Safari. However, the practice is different. Tap the screen to instantly preview the Internet window on your iPhone XS Max.