Cholesterol: The Importance Of Prevention

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Cholesterol: The Importance Of Prevention

We know cholesterol better, and it can be lowered. Thanks to the effective drugs we know today. But wouldn’t it be better to use a prevention card? What foods to promote? What attitude should be taken for prevention rather than treatment? There is no mystery. Regular physical activity, daily walking, and especially healthy eating are key to prevention. Lets check out two quick and best  solution.

First solution is practice regular sports activities within your means and time. Walking, biking or swimming fast 30 minutes a day, everyone should find an activity that works for them. Everything is not to neglect your body! Second solution is eat better and choose food.

Cholesterol: View History

While it is important to adopt good rules of the lifestyle, it is also important to conduct a small personal assessment of risk factors. Are there people in your family who suffer from high cholesterol? Have your parents ever had a stroke or heart attack? Perhaps these diseases are caused by excessive bad cholesterol. Do you have a diet too rich in saturated fat? Having problems with being overweight? Only one positive answer to this question will make you take a special attitude.

Diet: the main factor in preventing cholesterol

Eating better is especially good for choosing your lipid and calorie intake! Eating a balanced diet is a major rule. It should be representative of all food groups, and because there is cholesterol in the family, it can be completely deprived of fat. Only excess is prohibited. We’ll also make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially the latter. Everything is a matter of choice and you can eat everything, paying attention to the quantity, especially the quality of the food. A good diet is to avoid frustration. The same basic rules are observed when cooking. Cooking a variety of preferred vegetable oils when cooking food is a simple step that will help prevent the risk of excess cholesterol.

Regular physical activity to prevent cholesterol

It is advisable to do physical activity regularly to ensure that your blood cholesterol level is not too high. For example, you can walk fast for 30/45 minutes three times a week. Other activities that are easy to practice: swimming and cycling. Beginners can start with a small 15/20 minute sports session and then increase their time and cadence as they progress. Your heart will thank you!

Other ideas for fighting excess cholesterol

Get regularly inspected! It’s good to actually act. Sometimes a simple diet is enough to control a recent, still insignificant dysfunction, but more treatment is needed as the problem worsens. The test is a simple gesture that you can do on your own thanks to the tests sold in pharmacies. If there is too much bad cholesterol in the results, you should prescribe additional laboratory tests and, if necessary, consult a doctor who will prescribe medication. In any case, you will definitely ask you to start a more balanced diet and choose a suitable and varied diet.