Top 3 travel adviser sites in India

Not only does travel agents and travel booking website assist one in providing a customized travel plan, even a travel advisory can play such a similar role. If looking for a travel itinerary planned on your own instead of depending on travel consultants or agents, a travel advisor site isContinue Reading

5 populated states in usa

Thinking of relocating to US! Half of the population of around the globe look at America as the most prospering country to migrate for better opportunities. From west coast to east coast of America there are varied options of States to be considered. Ever wondered which would be ideal placeContinue Reading


Jaipur or otherwise called the pink city is one of those highly rated tourist destination of India which has globe recognition. People from across the globe visit Jaipur to get authentic Rajasthani culture touch. Rewinding rich royal heritage of India, Jaipur is the destination. Historical monuments, forts, palace stays, royalContinue Reading


Delhi, the Capital city is culturally and historical rich with its own basket of tourist destinations. One will never be disappointed visiting Delhi, from historical monuments to age old eateries to all kinds shopping it has it all. Come here to relive the rich heritage showcased in its monuments, streetsContinue Reading

Mumbai has always been the dream city for millions in India. Being known as the filmy capital of India, has always been known to draw people around the globe. Once in Mumbai you will realise, it is a city that never sleeps. Here I will be jotting down the popularContinue Reading