Cloud Services: Functions and Data Protections Whether for personal or business use, an online storage and sharing service better known as the cloud makes it easy to securely store, sync and share your data. The first provider to rapidly popularize online data storage services for individuals and organizations was Dropbox.Continue Reading


Public Cloud And Features Public cloud provides public IT services over the Internet. To do this, providers operate groups of interconnected servers called server farms. Users typically access the storage space through a web browser. You pay only for what you spend on the resource. It can also reduce theContinue Reading


Cloud: Working and Representation With the cloud, data, programs, and computing capacity are moved to storage outside of your location. You can use multiple servers at a remote site to do this. Those who want to take advantage of those cloud computing services can rent storage space and, in principle,Continue Reading

Cloud Computing: Advantages and Disadvantages Cloud computing is a general term for providing hardware and software over the Internet. It does not define the scope in which the service is provided. It ranges from simple cloud storage, where users have storage capacity on remote servers in addition to their ownContinue Reading

Generative Adversarial Networks

GAN: The Creative Side of Machine Learning With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), machines can become more and more intelligent. Because of the ability to develop independently of the data provided, machines create new ways to help them perform increasingly complex tasks. The Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) systemContinue Reading

Graph Neural Networks

Graph Neural Networks: The Next Step In Deep Learning The learning process is crucial to developing artificial intelligence. Machine learning, especially deep learning, is used to train algorithms and thus gives the software its own thinking. Facial recognition, for example, is based on this kind of technology. Many machine learningContinue Reading

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning: When Machines Learn To Think Google invests in a wide variety of areas and projects, especially when it comes to cutting-edge technology. Especially in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), the technology services group has been invigorated through the deep mind project. The project is to advance theContinue Reading


What Is Big Data? Big data refers to very large data sets that traditional database management or information management tools cannot actually use. This is because we generate about 2.5 trillion bytes of data every day. The messages we send to each other, the videos we post, weather information, GPSContinue Reading

We hear more and more about data science and it’s a popular term for companies, the web, and schools. So what is this drill? Data science is nothing more than a multidisciplinary discipline whose goal is to use (digital) data to solve real-world problems or bring specific value called “productContinue Reading

5G - 5th Generation Mobile Technology

Consumer demands are shaping the evolution of mobile broadband services. Innovative solutions are needed to address the expected traffic growth between 2020 and 2030, the growing number of devices and services, and the demands for improved economics and economics. User experience. In a smart network connectivity world, the fifth-generation (5G)Continue Reading